Dana Special Education was established in 2015 by a mother and a father of a child suffering from autism spectrum disorder to support parents having a child with disabilities. Sending your child to our center dose come with its benefits:It is the place were you find your hope and empowered your expected child’s outcomes. It is designed to meet the specific needs of your child with teachers and staff that are specially trained.


In simple terms our vision is to provide individuals of the special needs the highest level of quality, effectiveness and efficiency in learning and training so that they can can participate in society with their own and real abilities.


Make a fundamental difference that can be measured by working with the families of children with special needs by providing the best levels of educational, medical and supportive services that improve the child to adapt to his/her needs through intensive, continuous and integrated training.


  • Providing accurate and honest diagnosis and evaluation services for the child’s condition within modern standards.
  • Reaching people with special needs to the highest levels of independence through the latest educational and behavioral treatment programs, occupational therapy services, and speech and language therapy.
  • Providing guidance, awareness and educational services to families by directing them with the correct guidance on how to deal with their child.
  • Providing all necessary programs, research, studies, courses in all scientific and theoretical innovations and updates in the field of people with special needs.